Sunday, September 20, 2020

ROGUE FLASH: How Lisa Black's 'day job' informs her novels

A nice spread in Florida Weekly magazine details an interview with thriller writer Lisa Black, in which she talks about getting published, how to process a crime scene and why readers are eternally drawn to mystery stories. 

She also introduces us to a forensic mannequin named "Bob" who has the unfortunate job of demonstrating bullet trajectories. 

However, getting her first book on the stands took longer than the article states--it says she wrote six, but she wrote six before switching to forensics from secretarial work. It took another three before one caught the eye of a major publisher. 

To read more, click here: Looking For Clues

Are you a fan of forensic shows? The fictional ones or the true-crime type? 


  1. You have the most fascinating mind & skills, Lisa, and you're so beautiful, too! Love the article, and love seeing your photo on the cover. Wowsers! xxxx

  2. Talk about the old (from Mark Twain I believe) line: "Write what you know" -- Lisa is a master of forensic science (although it's amazing to me how she deals with dead bodies and then testifies in court about her findings!) Her books reflect her experience and tenacity -- great reading!...Karna Small Bodman

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