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Monday, November 9th at 7 pm EST (5 pm Mountain Time)! 

This month's featured authors are: Karen DionneAllison BrennanBoyd Morrison and Dr. Doug Lyle with Lisa Black as MC. Following a brief introduction each of our guests will talk about their work, and then read for about three minutes followed by Q&A. Join us in the Zoom Room where the first 100 will have the chance to ask questions live. Everyone else can catch the event by clicking on Facebook Live where you can ask questions via comments. We'll be monitoring both chats throughout the evening, so come prepared.

Note: We'd love to have you join us in the Zoom Room, but this time you will need a passcode. Please email us in advance to get the code.

Then, as a special treat, each of our guests has paired a favorite snack food with their favorite drink providing a recipe for an enjoyable evening. You can find the recipes below, and trust us, the Rogues will be cooking all day. Drinking will commence at the start of the show!

Cardiologist Dr. Doug Lyle in California has produced 22 award winning books of fiction and nonfiction, blogs, and a podcast, and served as a consultant for countless novelists and film writers. In Prior Bad Acts, ex military experts Bobby Cain and Harper McCoy go on a mission to rescue a doctor kidnapped to treat a gut-shot criminal in the hills of Tennessee. When he relaxes after the writing is done Doug likes to pair popcorn with a bourbon on the rocks, Maker’s Mark or Blantons.    

Karen Dionne took the world by storm with The Marsh King’s Daughter, which became a #1 international bestseller among
many other awards and kudos. She hails from north of Detroit and enjoys nature photography, and if you check out her webs
ite, her pictures are stunning. In The Wicked Sister, Rachael has spent over a decade in a mental institution blaming herself for her parent’s deaths, but when she finds out new details as well as information about her only sibling, she had to return home to learn the truth. Karen’s snack choices are simple—sharp cheese (such as an aged cheddar with Irish whiskey) and red wine (Gallo Paisano is fine!).   
Boyd Morrison in Seattle has worked on the space station for Lockheed, earned patents while working at RCA, designed video games for Microsoft, won on Jeopardy and oh yes, is a professional actor. In his latest book with Clive CusslerMauradercaptain Juan Carrillo interrupts an attack on an Kuwaiti oil tanker only to find that a billionaire’s dying wish has put a biological weapon in the hands of terrorists. Boyd likes to kick back with what you see pictured: hard cider and pizza with pepperoni, green peppers, and onions


Allison Brennan has won or been a finalist for no no less than nineteen awards with her books, hails from California and has served as a consultant to their legislature, raised five children and writes three books a year. In her newest release, Cold As Ice, a very young criminal that FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid had put away is released on her 18th birthday, and promptly sets about destroying everyone in Lucy’s life one by one.

Lucy Kincaid lives on coffee (lots of sugar) and if she can, she'll drink 4-shot mochas from Starbucks every morning.  She doesn't drink much alcohol. If she drinks, she opts for red wine, and she doesn't care what it is. But Sean Rogan, her husband, always has beer -- he keeps Harp (Irish) and Dos Equis (Spanish) in the fridge because Lucy is half-Irish, half-Cuban. Also, Lucy loves everything chocolate. Once, Sean brought home chocolate mousse after a hard day, so Allison found this chocolate mousse recipe that Lucy would approve of!

Our M.C., Rogue Lisa Black is the author of 14 novels featuring forensic specialists, which just happens to be her day job. Her latest novel, Every Kind of Wicked, is now available wherever books are sold.

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